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Harlem River Park green space

Harlem River Park bridge and sidewalk mosaic

In partnership with New York City’s Department of Parks and Recreation, the Harlem River Park Task Force (created by Harlem CDC and community partners in 2001) plans, advocates and seeks funding for the development of a state-of-the-art environmentally and culturally sensitive waterfront park along the Manhattan side of the Harlem River from 120th to 150th streets.

The park is being built in phases and now covers a 13-blocks long area of Harlem’s waterfront from East 132nd to West 145th streets. It contains an innovative “green” design that helps filter pollutants out of the river and provides habitat for local flora and fauna.

It also features innovative artwork created through multiple partnerships that involve professional Harlem-based artists, local school children, Creative Arts Workshops for Kids and the New York State Department of Transportation.

In addition to advocating for the park, the task force engages the community and city administration in comprehensive land use planning for the area. This includes partnering with New York City’s Department of Transportation on redesigning streets and intersections leading to the park for safer crossings, and creating an environmentally sensitive rebuilding of the Harlem River Drive and its bridges. It also includes incorporating a memorial for the adjacent colonial era Harlem African Burial Ground.

For further information, please visit our websites at www.harlemriverpark.weebly.com and https://harlemafricanburialground.wordpress.com.